• Father chris moran

    priest & rector

    Fr. Chris has been married for over 15 years and has been blessed with 2 wonderful children. He has been a member of the CEC for 10 years and a priest in the CEC for 4 years. Fr. Chris and his family moved to Henderson, NV almost 5 years ago to be closer to St. Paul's because he knew that he was called to lead this church in a new direction.

  • John house


    Deacon John is a lifelong member of the CEC. John moved to Henderson, NV almost a year ago with his wife who is a member of the St. Paul's choir. The pair recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy and are excited to join St. Paul's in their endeavor to preach God's Word.

  • jeff hunt


    Deacon Jeff is a father and grandfather who has lived in Henderson, NV for over 50 years. Jeff has been a longtime active member of St. Paul's who is always eager to help those in need. Jeff has always embodied St. Paul's mission of "Serving Christ by Serving Others".

  • Charlie randall


    Deacon Charlie has been married for over 30 years and has 2 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Charlie and his family have been longstanding members of the church. Through prayer and worship Charlie felt the call to become a servant of God by becoming ordained a Deacon of the CEC.

  • Chris boardman

    Worship leader

    Chris has been the worship leader at St. Paul's for the past 25 years. Chris grew up in a musical family where both of his parents devoted their time and talents to ministry. Chris' daughter, Gillian, was a member of the St. Paul's choir in the past and is currently using music in her work with autistic children. Chris is blessed to be able to worship alongside his fiance Shauna, who sings with the St. Paul's choir.